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First things first: I have a Dreamwidth account. Predictably enough (since I like having the same username everywhere), I'm prpl_pen @ DW; add me if you've got one! No, I'm not migrating or leaving LJ, I don't even know if I'll even use it at all, but I was kind of planning to at least archive and crosspost fic there? We shall see, I guess.

Then, speaking of fic, I have a bunch of ones I've been meaning to link. A lot of it is gift!fic (and art) from Secret Santas, so...yes, it's been a long time since I meant to link.

  • No Comfort for the Lost [Bleach; Rangiku/Orihime, R] parsnip_chan totally surprised me with this. (I think she wrote it as a part of her NaNoWriMo, if I remember correctly?) She'd taken requests a long time ago and I'd forgotten ever leaving a prompt, so seeing a fic for it was a really nice surprise. :D And, of course, ♥yuri♥

  • The Fundmentals of Teamwork [Kekkaishi; Yoshimori+Gen+Tokine genfic, PG] smartycat wrote this for me for himitsu_santa, and it's so cute. I love Kekkaishi, but it's hard to find a lot fic for it, and Yoshimori, Tokine, and Gen are platonic OT3, so getting this was just awesome. :D

  • untitled Bleach art [Bleach; Kon+ Karin & Yuzu, G] We did a Secret Santa exchange in mallowmateys, a roleplay I'm in, and spartydragon drew me an adorable picture of Kon (in Ichigo's body) with Karin and Yuzu. Kon's relationship with Ichigo's family is one that I wish we'd see explored more often.

  • Fairy Chess [Suikoden V; Lucretia/Lelei] So this was my first year participating in Yuletide, and it was awesome. This is the fic I received; Lucretia/Lelei are my favorite yuri pairing in any of the Suikoden games, so I was ecstatic. (Link goes to the Yuletide archive.)

  • Really Awkward Adulterous Lesbian Sex Is Still Better Than No Sex At All [Twelfth Night; Olivia/Viola, PG] Finally, this story was not written for me, but I just had to recommend it. I feel like Twelfth Night is the slashiest of all Shakespeare's plays, and this is just such a wonderfully-written and fitting scenario. Definitely check it out. (Link goes to the Yuletide archive.)

Meh. I should redo & better organize my LJ tags one of these soon days.

I've been watching the One Piece anime pretty hardcore the past few weeks. I think I will actually catch up soon if I keep at it. I just finished some really "ugh" filler after the big Water 7/Enies Lobby arc, and I think it's going into Thriller Bark now? Yay, Brook! I know he has the same seiyuu as did Jaken, and he was constantly hilarious, so I'm interested in seeing what he does with Brook.

That's about it. ...For NOW.
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