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So! Here is some stuff I wrote in the past six months or so (it is mostly One Piece):

Figured I might as well link these, since I hadn't here (though a few of them I did link in one_piece when I first posted them.) I was decently productive for a while there. Hm. Aiming to be productive again. To that end, prompts are appreciated. ♥

I had a question, but now I can't remember what--oh wait, never mind. I just remembered. Does anyone know if there is a One Piece daily digest comm on LJ, similar to bleach_news or atla_press?

...It's painfully obvious that One Piece has taken over my brain, isn't it? It's nice, though. I haven't felt this excited about a fandom since I first started getting really into Bleach.

I kind of feel like writing right now actually, so...I'm gonna go with that urge.
Tags: bleach, one piece, writing, yuletide
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