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Why the hell not; let's do some bullet points.
  • I disappeared again for a while. I actually had a good reason for it, though! The power cord/AC adapter for my laptop just randomly up and died about a month ago, and I was extremely strapped for cash, so I couldn't replace it right away. My laptop had to sit there and be a paperweight in the meantime. Aaand, I kept meaning to make a post in here mentioning that, but never got around to it. Oops. I think partly because I mentioned it on Twitter when it happened, so it felt like I'd already told everyone about it. Never mind that the majority of my flist are not on Twitter, that I know of. Double oops. Anyway, I've replaced the cord, so I'm back now!

  • ...Speaking of Twitter, if you have one and I'm not following you, feel free to add me. (If you don't mind the occasional extreme late-night manga-reading reaction tweet spam, that is. I think I'm not too obnoxious about it? I hope?) I have to say that another reason I haven't been updating my LJ nearly as much these days is because I will tweet small tidbits and feel sated, whereas before I would save a few of them up for an LJ entry.

  • Quite a few people on my flist were doing cliche_bingo; it looked like fun, so I decided to give it a shot too.

    So, some of these are a little underwhelming to me, but then again some are ridiculous and amazing, so I think it evens out.

  • Finally, I am in a letter-writing mood lately, so it's that time again: LETTERS! Anyone want a letter from me? You wouldn't even have to write back (though I'll be honest, I would love you forever if you did). If you'd like to get a letter from me, comment in this post saying so, and drop your address in my contact post, if you haven't already. People outside the States are totally fine as well; I have a ton of international stamps that will take forever to use otherwise.
That's it for now.
Tags: addresses, attempting to be productive, computer woes, letters, real life, twitter, writing
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