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The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

It somehow ended up being a month again since I last wrote in my LJ. Whoops.

Life has been...challenging lately. I'm trying to stay positive and get through it.

Anyway, I have some memes I intend to answer, but right now, the big order of business for this LJ entry is...


Her name is Cora Jean. :)

My sister had her baby last Friday, a few weeks earlier than her projected due date. Anyway, this is the first grandkid for my mom and dad, so they are pretty excited, as well as my sister Amanda and I, who are now aunts. Of course, my brother is now an uncle too, but his girlfriend is actually pregnant right now and expecting to give birth within the next week, so he's probably a little more concerned with that.

Anyway, here are some pictures, in case people are curious. (If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably already seen most of them already.)

I just like this one because it shows how long her feet are. I was the same as a baby.

She was jaundiced, so she had to stay an extra few days and lie under a light,
or as her dad called it,"the baby baker. Check out those stylin' shades.

Right before going home from the hospital.

Aaaand here's my dad, mom, and sister Amanda holding her. I didn't get to go with to see the baby
(my sister and her husband live in Nebraska), so I had to live vicariously through them.

That's it for now! Though if everything goes as planned, I will have pictures of niece #2 within a week or so.
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