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Once again, a month has slipped by without a post from me. Ugh. I kind of sort of have an excuse, as I was busy with moving and getting that stuff all lined up. Here are some bullet point highlights of the past month or so...

  • So, the last major non-memeish post I made mentioned my sister having her baby, and my grand entrance into Aunthood. Then on August 7th, two weeks after my sister had her baby, my brother and his girlfriend had their daughter, so I was an aunt again. I have pictures that I need to post of her. It's probably bad form to say so, but I think she's cuter than my sister's baby.

  • I started a new job, sort of. It's temporary, and I'm looking for something hopefully better and more stable, but it's not bad work. And it pays slightly better than my last job, at least, so yay for that.

  • And yes, I did move! To a small efficiency for now (though I'm gonna see if I can get out of my lease early and perhaps split a bigger place with autophanous). It is pretty tiny, but once I got my stuff in and arranged, it's actually better than I was expecting. I have some pictures of that to post as well, once I find my camera cord. ANYHOO, my address has naturally changed, and you can find the new one here in my contact post.

  • Actually I was just at my parents' house for niece #2's baptism over the weekend. Then weekend after next, my sister will be coming to my parents' with her baby, and she'll be baptised then, it looks like. I haven't seen her in person yet, so that will be fun.

That's a pretty half-assed update, but at least it's something. I miss using my LJ. Meh.

ANYWAY. Here's a random meme that looked appealing to me:

Give me the title and fandom of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it. In return I will tell you any of these from my never-written story: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.
Tags: bullet point time, meme, moving, real life
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