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I have been having just the worst streak of luck lately, seems like. Nothing huge and earth-shattering, no, but just a bunch of lame stuff--some of it very minor--and just when I think my luck is starting to turn around, I find out it was just to lull me into a false sense of security!

So, right now, I am updating this from my PS3, laptop's charger/AC adapter cord just randomly stopped working. This may sound familiar. This cord is actually a replacement one I got just a few months ago when my last cord randomly died. That one...okay, it wasn't massively old, but I'd had it for a while, so though it annoyed me, I could accept it. This one was like...I believe I got it in June. Anyway, I contacted the place I got it from, and they are replacing it, but in the time it'll take for me to ship the faulty one back and wait for the replacement, I am effectively computerless again. I have the PS3, but it's very limited. In fact, I have to stop here because I'm out of space. sigh.
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