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Yeah, been forever again, I know. Still working on that. For now, another meme, stolen/modified from puffs:

The first five people to comment in this post may request a character/pairing of their choosing, and I will produce a fanwork (drabble/sketch/icon/etc) featuring the character/pairing. In return they have to post this in their journal, regardless of ability. <--this part is optional.

1. indefiance - Rukia/Byakuya
2. faemous - girl!Luffy/boy!Nami
3. hallowd - Chad
4. danbi - Yoshimori/Hiura
5. the_firefly Gray/Lluvia

So, yeah. This is me, trying to be productive again. I don't think I've written anything at all since January, haven't drawn in...forever. We shall see what this results in.
Tags: attempting to be productive, meme
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