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Right, so…I’m gonna talk about Young Justice a little.

This was a show I initially was only peripherally aware of; I heard it was a thing that was going to exist, and while at first I was like “… :D!” when I heard it was A) like an AU re-imagining with B) NO BART ALLEN, my interest waned. Cut to several months later, after it’s begun airing, and word of mouth is good! Now I am intrigued again. However, it was finding out Greg Weisman was involved (I only found this out like…a week or two ago, haha) that sold me on definitely watching it. It all goes back to Gargoyles being my first fandom, man. There’s a lot of great things I can say about Greg, but we’ll just leave it at: I know he has respect for intelligent/sophisticated storytelling, for strong female characters, and for the DC canon in general. So yeah. When I found out he was producing, I knew I was going to start watching.

I’ve been watching since…Monday, I think? (took me longer than intended, because I kept passing out early the last couple nights, so wouldn’t even make it through an entire episode sometimes, oops) Anyway, just last night I finished catching up, watching the last two episodes that’ve aired. For one, I wanted to be ready for the new one tonight. Now, though, I have some Thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain, and since, you know, I’ve been wanting to actually USE my LJ again, throwing them all up here seems like a good idea. Plus I’m hoping to get some discussion. I haven’t really looked at the general fandom at ALL yet, (besides a quick glance at the anon fic meme), nor have I looked at spoilers for upcoming episodes. Basically, some of this may be old news/rehashed in the general fandom, but it’s new to me.

First, some general thoughts, bullet point style!
  • Sooo. As of right now, Kaldur is my favorite character. I pretty much love everything about him. He’s capable, kind, level-headed and intelligent, a good friend, and just…a nice person. He actually reminds me of Chad a lot, haha. So it’s probably not a huge surprise that I like him. Plus his VA is just. Um. Awesome?? I’m seriously attracted to his voice and delivery.

  • I also love M’gann a whole ton. She’s amazing and also adorable, haha. (I do wish they would stop throttling her catchphrase, though. It’s fine when it makes sense, but there are times when it just feels shoehorned in.) Superboy is cool too, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing him evolve as he becomes more socialized and learns how to deal with people, and what it means to be friends. Initially he was so angry, which of course made sense given the circumstances, but if he hadn’t developed from that, I would’ve been so not interested in his character. Gladly, his development has been handled in a realistic and interesting way; nuanced, even, which I LOVE. And he and M’gann are so cute together. Not necessarily as a pairing (though ngl, I totally ship it), but even just as friends. It’s clear she’s special to him, even if not in a romantic sense from his end (yet; haha, I’m pretty sure it’s heading that way). When he SMILES at her, his face is becomes more open; his brow unfurrows. Aaahhhh, I love it!

  • And that seems like a good way to segue into GUH, DIS ANIMATION. It’s amazing. I have some minor nits with a few of the character designs, but the actual animation has been FABULOUS, and the quality has remained solid, and IT’S SO NICELY DONE. Fluid; consistently on-model; NUANCED FACIAL EXPRESSIONS dfshkjdf In general it’s been well-blocked and also has some amazing fight choreography. Though, tangentially, I really don’t like the way they’ve chosen to do the running effect for the speedsters. It doesn’t look fast at all and is actually one of the things that bothers me most in the show. But again, that’s more of a design decision and doesn’t reflect on the continued excellence of the actual animation.

  • Back to the other characters, I’m liking Artemis so far; am mostly ambivalent regarding Dick and Wally. It actually kind of KILLS me that Wally is hard for me to really like, because the Flash books were always my favorite DC, and Wally is one of my favorite Speedsters (Bart is #1 forever though). He definitely has his moments, but there are aspects of his character in this that just really rub me the wrong way, and he seems to be the most static of the characters so far, WHICH IS IRONIC. I’m hoping I’ll have a reason to change my mind about him (and Robin too), once a few more episodes have aired.

So one of the things I have been turning around and around in my brain since last night when I watched the episode and would really love to discuss with people…

Who is the “inside man”? It’s clearly NOT Artemis, by virtue of the fact that the episode is structured to make her seem like the obvious choice. If this were a less sophisticated show, sure, I could buy it. But it’s not. Earlier in the VERY SAME EPISODE they used misdirection to “trick” the audience (and the assassins, haha), in the same way I imagine they used structured the episode as a whole to imply Artemis is a traitor. So far my front-runners are Roy or Superboy. This is my reasoning:
  • Roy - no, he’s not part of the team proper, but he’s close to them and could easily infiltrate/feed information. How did he know where the doctor was being held in the first place? Possibly he’s something of a double agent? Perhaps he’s even intending to play the baddies, but in turn is being controlled/manipulated without realizing? Grah, now I wish I had the episode to double-check my memory on some things, but I’m at work, so that’s a no-go for now.

  • Superboy – in his case, he could be a sleeper agent; who knows what all crazy crap he has programmed into his head? There could be some deep programming that no one is aware of until it’s triggered, at which point the Superboy (ugh, he really needs an actual NAME, though; I keep wanting to call him Kon, but who knows if he’ll even be called that) the team has come to know could disappear and then they could have to get him back and dsfjhka I’m actually kind of in love with this idea AND NOW I WANT IT TO BE TRUE, haha

But, yes, these are just some possibilities I’ve been thinking about and I would love to hear other people’s thoughts!

(Incidentally, I’m writing this at work, so while I can post it, any replies to comments will probably come later. I’ll try to reply as soon as I can, but work stuff has priority, so…)
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