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I've just realized that I am inexplicably very fond of Hachi. I mean, he doesn't have a very large role and he usually doesn't do much of anything (except mostly cart people around), but I just like him without really understanding why. Hmm.

Anyway, I'm almost finished with a drabble for the yahoo group. Oddly, it would probably fit pretty well into the theme this week at iyfic_challenge, but, yeah, it's meant for the "money" theme. I'm not really sure that I succeeded in what I was originally going for, but it was interesting writing it. I think I'm feeling a little freer to experiment now; to try out ideas and styles that normally I wouldn't feel comfortable doing. Even if the end result might not always work, I'm having fun and maybe branching out a little more,'s all good. I'm finally sticking my toe into the whole thing, too. Leaving reviews and such, finding authors I like, uploading some fanfic.

My journey toward responsible adulthood continues as I began a savings account today. I haven't had a savings account since high school. I'm thinking, okay, tuck away $25 out of each paycheck (you'll hardly miss it), and slowly but surely the cushion will grow. I actually meant to do this last year when I got my tax return, but then I had eye surgery instead. Whee. I finally got my hair cut too, but when I got home I decided it wasn't right so I took a pair of scissors to the front and sides until I was satisfied. It kind of makes me wonder why I even paid to have it cut in the first place.

Oh yeah, because I can't do the back myself.

Things to do soonish:
finish "money" drabble
actually write something for 20_rings
try & come up w/something for "Naraku" drabble
read & comment on challenge entries
poke around on some more
try some Suikoden drabbles?
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