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Well, so much for being productive this weekend. bleah. I let myself get talked into working overtime all weekend and didn't get any writing done, nor get a chance to read (or vote) on iyfic_challenge entries. The extra money will be nice, though. I kind of...*cough*preemptively spent it.

I suppose I technically have time to try and figure out something Naraku-related, I'll just sit this one out, methinks.

And, as promised, here is my drabble for Inuyasha Issekiwa. Comments, critiques, suggestions, etc., greatly appreciated.

Title: Another Kind of Coin
Genre: general
Rating: G
Word Count: 200

It is a delicate sort of dance the two of you do. He knows the reason you stay near at hand, but won't admit he knows. You, in turn, will never let on that you see how grateful he is for your company. He pretends it's the coin that's important and you oblige him, complaining that he swindles you out of a fair share of the profits. You find yourselves slipping into your roles quite easily: master and servant; houshi and tanuki.

You both know it's nothing more than misdirection.

A stranger might wonder why you bother to keep up the charade, why you spend so much energy to wrap the simple truth in such a transparent disguise. Somehow, this question never enters your mind; despite your differences, embellishment and illusion come to both of you almost as naturally as breathing.

Perhaps because of this, it is merely easier to continue to play those roles as your paths converge with increasing frequency. To quibble over money. To act as if it is merely profit and convenience that keep the two of you from your solitary wanderings. To see another kind of coin: one you keep hidden, lest it should tarnish.
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