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interview meme

Tha rulez:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. Post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your LJ.
4. Include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. (or a separate post, but not too long after. Be honest here, people!)
5. When others ask to be interviewed, give them five questions.

from numisma

1. Favorite cartoon character as a kid?
Probably Bugs Bunny.

2. If you could travel to any location in the world simply for the food, where would you go?
I have no idea. I am not even remotely a gourmet; I am fine with frozen pizzas and instant oatmeal. Well, I like Chinese a lot, so let's just say the best restaurant in Hong Kong.

3. Tell me of the worst physical injury you have ever sustained.
I really can't think of anything very bad; never broken any bones, never needed any stitches (wow, I'm boring). Uhm, perhaps not strictly the worst, but maybe the most interesting: a few years back I was on a swing strung up with rope (which was badly frayed, though of course I didn't know that until it was too late). Long story short, it broke while I was swinging; I ended up with a very sore butt and some really interesting rope burns and bruising on my right arm. I kind of looked like a junkie for a while.

4. is Michael Jackson guilty?
Sure. The question is: of what?

5. Name one pairing in the Inuyasha fandom that you've never heard of or read, but that somewhat tickles you enough that you'd like to read it, provided it appears in good!fic?
Hmm. I still haven't read a great deal of fic, though I have to assume pretty much any pairing I can conceive of has been written by someone at some point. I guess Sango/older!Rin could be quite intriguing.

from aiffe

1) Flamingo lawn ornaments: tacky or camp?
It really depends on the context, but I'll err on the side of caution and say "tacky."

2) Which is worse, being so alien that no one can possibly relate to you, or being exactly like everyone else?
Hmm. Being exactly like everyone else is worse, though the way I'm interpreting that makes it tricky, because I think if one is "exactly like everyone else," she probably won't be aware of that as a problem. (Uhm, it makes sense in my head, anyway, even if it didn't in that sentence.)

3) Would you say you had a happy childhood?
Yes, I think so. Perhaps not euphorically happy, and of course there were bad times, but most of my memories are very fond.

4) Did you ever think that you'd like to learn every major language so that you'd never need to read subtitles or translated books again, and maybe some of the minor ones too, because ya just never know?
Hahaha...yes. I often feel like I am secretly being very cheated by what translations are available, and that I'd get a much clearer sense of the writer's original intent with no middle-man.

5) What is your favorite flower?
Lilacs; the color doesn't matter. Also dandelions (they make lovely chains).

Okay, now to comment & vote on jewelry entries in iyfic_challenge!

EDIT: Aaaaand I'm just going to keep editing this post with answers to questions as I get them.

from the_firefly

1. What inspires you the most?
Hmm. Many different things, but I guess I often end up getting very inspired by my dreams: images that stick with me or just odd ideas that get my gears turning.

2. Have you ever written for other fandoms?
Yep, I wrote a little bit in the Gargoyles fandom a few years back. I had an epic continuing set of stories planned out, and never wrote most of them. :P

3. High School. Slacker or Studious?
haha. Slacker, mostly. Except in math. I hated math because I actually had to work for good marks in it. bleah.

4. Have you ever had a moment where you were so impressed by something you were speechless? (Art, movie, book, anything)
Oh, yes. *nods* Fairly often, really. Some Impressionist paintings (Monet's, especially) render me able only to stare worshipfully, for example. Sometimes when listening to music, I feel like I can only just lie there and soak it all in.

5. If you had to give up one of your senses, which would you pick and why?
Eep. hard one. I guess...taste. Because while eating delicious things would be something I'd miss, I'd have less trouble adapting to that than the loss of sight (books! art!), hearing (music!), touch (contact!), or smell (uhm, I can't think of one simple thing to sum up why it's important here).

from _morbidity

1. Who's sexier, the pope or the dalai lama & why?
The Dalai Lama by far. His robes are cooler and he lacks the silly hat.

2. What were you like in second grade?
I was the token tomboy. I loved reading and would write and illustrate little storybooks and leave them in the reading corner of our classroom (convinced that the teacher would be very puzzled as to where they came from and suspect it was the work of elves or something). I greatly feared the monster that lived under my bed.

3. If you were somehow in a situation where you had no food, would you eat the last of an endangered species, therefore rendering them extinct, or starve to death?
Well, if I had to actually kill, dress, and cook it myself, it would be kind of pointless to try and kill it, because I'd still probably starve to death (me ≠ Great White Hunter). Though, I must admit, if someone was going to serve it up for me, I'd probably go for it. If there's only one of the species left it hasn't got a chance of making a comeback anyway. :P

4. What's your most precious possession & what would you do if I threw it into a pit of lava?
One most precious possession? Eep. I have no clue! I suppose something unique and irreplaceable. Maybe my portfolio that contains most of the art I did in school? If you threw it into a lava pit...I would cry. (And possibly hit you.)

5. Crap, you're stuck in the 1980's. Now what?
Safety Dance!

from sky_dark

1. When you write a story, where does your inspiration come from?
I wish I knew. I guess I am always thinking about random things and sometimes it'll spark an idea for a story. Sometimes there is a very long and painful process of evolution, where my original intent ends up completely changed. Sometimes it feels like ideas spring, like Athena, fully formed from my head. I do get ideas from my dreams a lot, too; my subconscious mind can be a very interesting place.

2. Describe to me a perfect meal. (this is a theme with me, I like food)
Roast turkey that is tender and not dry, with stuffing, rolls, and gravy, baked rice, a big glass of milk and a slice of homemade cheesecake for dessert. Thanksgiving should come once a month, at least.

3. You are asked to make a new law, what would that law be?
Do we really need more laws? :P I guess maybe something to do with making it okay for same-sex couples to be legally wed...?

4. A famous author will write your life story, who is that author and what is the title of your book?
Heh, my life story isn't going to be very exciting, but I would love to see how Jane Austen would write it. Title? I'm so bad at titles... Portrait of a Slacker. XD

5. Your question back at you! You can magically transport 3 FMA characters to your place for a dinner party, who are they and why?
Is that allowed? ;) Uhm, okay, I would want: Maes Hughes, because I adore him & think he's a funny, caring, and wonderful person, plus he could share embarrassing stories about Roy. Maria Ross, because I think she's the most under-appreciated character and she totally rocks. And...Alphonse Elric. I hate to split up the brothers, but I only have space for one of them, and I think I'd have more to talk about with Al. Besides, he could probably use a little break from Ed sometimes.

from hallowd

1. Do you remember your dreams? If so, what was the last dream you remember having?
Most of the time, yes. Almost always immediately after waking up, but if I have to rush (run to work or something) they tend to fade quite a bit, so if I try to recall them later in the day, they are very incomplete or sometimes entirely forgotten. If I have time to be more leisurely about waking up, I usually remember them quite well.

The last dream I remember was from last night: I was fixing up an old abandoned house and as I moved through it and cleaned it, I realized that I faintly remembered it. I decided it must have been the house I lived in when I was a baby, before my parents moved onto the family farm, but when I asked them about it they were very dodgy and suspicious-acting. At that point in the dream, I decided to fix a shelf (one that I keep meaning to fix in the waking world and never getting around to actually doing), but it wasn't going well because the wood was disintegrating when I'd try to screw anything into it.

2. How do you fight/get over writer's block?
Not very well at all. I try to work through it by moving on to a new or different project in the hopes that a change will jar something loose, but I often can just seize up. Honestly, I've only just started writing again after a pretty long stretch (over a year) of not being able to really write at all. I would want to, but I was being so hard on myself and so critical of everything I attempted that I basically just shut down and got to the point where I was afraid to even try.

3. What would you be willing to die for?
To protect my nearest & dearest, or for a cause I think is worthy and where my death would truly benefit said cause. Which is not to say I would lay down without a fight--I'm sure I'd be scrapping as hard as I possibly could to stay alive--just that I would accept death as a possibility.

4. What is the colour of magic?
A deep purpley-blue, with faint touches of glowy green that you never quite see distinctly.

5. How many mimes would be needed to describe your current mood, and how would they go about doing it?
Right now, one would be sufficient, and he would just have to drag himself about looking rather drained and exhausted.

from anaphalis

1) You have been given the ability to go back in time in a real/fictional universe to warn one historical or fictional figure about their fate. Who do you warn and why?
Eep. Well, I don't think I would want to warn anyone historical, because I'm afraid of causing some awful paradox. :\ And, honestly, for fiction, in many cases the kind of tragic events I would want to prevent by offering a warning are also huge catalysts for driving the story forward, so I'd have to decide whether I'd rather warn the character or leave the plot intact. (Why yes, I do think too much.) Hmm...okay, here we go, since this is the first thing that popped into my mind: [spoilers for FMA; highlight to read]I would warn Maes Hughes about his fate in the hope he would escape being killed by Envy. And, yes, it would greatly affect the plot if he didn't die, and no, not necessarily for the better...but I love the character and I guess I'd want to give him a chance to see his daughter grow up.[end spoilers].

2) The creator of one of your fandoms is going to allow you to make one currently non-canon pairing happen in canon. Which do you choose and why?
Oh man. You are killing me with these questions. :P For me half the fun of shipping a non-canon pairing is the ambiguous nature of the relationship. Maybe there's some tension there, maybe not; you can read into it what you will. It's something fun to play around with in fanfic, but for it to suddenly be canon fact...the dynamic between them will change, and perhaps destroy the subtleties I was fond of in the first place. Anyway, my answer to this question is: I should like to have J. K. Rowling quietly confirm in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that Remus & Sirius were indeed lovers. Two reasons: 1) Sirius is (supposedly) dead and gone, so that whole loss of tension thing won't affect the future books, & 2) because I'd like to see how much louder fundamentalist groups would scream over the books once they got wind of it.

3) A small green alien shows up in a bar that you're drinking at. Once suitably drunk, he offers you an exchange- any pieces of knowledge you desire in exchange for your ability to feel emotions. Do you take him up on his offer?
I would probably think about it, but ultimately refuse. I am quite fond of my emotions, and besides, I think a lot of the things I want to know would be more powerful if I learned & experienced them myself, rather then having the knowledge handed over to me on a silver platter. The journey is a huge part of the process. :)

4) You are allowed to make one character from any of your fandoms your permanent love slave with the knowledge that you will never be able to take another lover (please ignore any existing relationships for the sake of my false philosophical dilemma ;). Who do you choose?
Oh man. I have entirely too many fictional crushes to make this easy to answer. I want to say Fflewddur Fflam, who I've had a mad crush on since first reading The Black Cauldron in second grade, but I hesitate because he is male & I'm really not sure if I could be satisfied with a male lover for all time. So I will go with Tara Maclay, from Buffy.

5) Describe your ideal natural disaster.
Heh. Something about the phrase "ideal natural disaster" is making my head all spinny. I'm not even certain I know what you mean by it, goes: tornadoes. They are often quite destructive, but also so unpredictable; one can utterly destroy your entire home while leaving your next-door neighbor with only an overturned birdbath. I also think that while they are breathtakingly scary, they are also beautiful. (I've seen a few. Never up close, though.)

from aoi_tsuki1

1. If you could warp canon in just one way, what would you pick?
Did you have a specific fandom in mind? For simplicity's sake, I'm going to assume you mean in Inuyasha. I feel like a major supporting character needed to killed by Naraku to establish his threat more firmly in the viewer's (or reader's, but I am more familiar with the anime; haven't read all of the manga) mind. Sango's village and Kouga's tribe provide the motivation for those characters, but doesn't affect the viewer so much because we never really got to know or care about them. In order to get the viewer more emotionally invested, it'd need to be someone who has been around for more than an episode or two (and who will stay dead, not like when he "killed" Kikyou); perhaps Kaede, for example. Not that I want her to die. Far from it. I just feel like I've never been as sold on Naraku's evilness as I should be and something like that would do the trick.

2. Who's your favorite author (published)?
I can never, ever pick one favorite. A few that spring immediately to mind are: Peter S. Beagle, Ursula K. Le Guin, Fritz Leiber, Diana Wynne Jones...I'll stop there.

3. What movie do you wish you had never seen?
Batman & Robin. Good lord was that ever a mess. Thankfully I have forgotten most of it by now.

4. What's your most distinctive habit or mannerism?
I fidget almost constantly; I am not good at holding still.

5. Boxers or briefs (on bishounen)?
Boxers on bishounen are nice, but boy-cut briefs on bishoujo are better.

from akiasha

1. Name the fandoms you worship (or just like) and why.
--Gargoyles was my first real dip into fandom and I had a complete blast with it, though I did eventually drift away. I'm sure it will always be a sentimental favorite, though.
--I am not involved with the fandom proper yet, but I really love the canon material for Suikoden; there is oodles of potential to do so much and I really need to try writing in it.
--I'm not even sure exactly what it is that did it, but Inuyasha grabbed me hard and doesn't seem to want to let go. I am fine with this.

Ugh, I think I am too tired to answer this question more thoroughly.

2. Let's say you've just been abducted by aliens. What's your first reaction?
Depending on the method of abduction...probably freak out, scream, maybe cry. If they have a probe, run!

3. If Edward Elric were actually real and you had the chance to meet him, would you call him Chibi just to see his reaction to it? If so or if not you must explain.
Not upon first meeting him, because I know he is sensitive about it and I try to be nice. (Though if we were to become friends, I probably would on occasion to tease him.)

4. What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Oh no, you just had to go there, didn't you? ;) ...The Beverly Hillbillies (the tv show). Please stop looking at me funny.

5. What is your honest opinion of this little meme?
Honestly, I am more than a little addicted to it right now. Some questions are silly, some are thought-provoking, and I love seeing how everyone is answering them.

from hardlyfatal

1) Are you a fan of AU fic, and why or why not?
No, not a fan. I don't actively dislike it (okay, I do dislike the apparently really popular "OMG, liek the Inu gang is in High School!!!1" scenario), but it just doesn't interest me at all. For example, (as far as Inuyasha is concerned) the canon setting is so rich as is, I don't see the appeal of doing away with it, especially only to transport it to something mundane as regular modern-day life.

2) What's your favourite season of the year?
Autumn, without a doubt. Sadly, it never lasts lost enough. Half the time there's snow even before the leaves have done a proper job of falling. Walking through dry leaves with that nice bite in the air...heaven.

3) Do you like or dislike Christmas?
Like it. We're not terribly religious about it, but there are traditions we've built up over the years, and it's the one time a year I get to see my entire extended family. And, yes, I like the presents; both giving and receiving.

4) Religion: patriarchal and superstitious, or a needed societal morality touchstone?
Mmph. Some nebulous thing in between the two, but if I have to choose one option or the other, I suppose I would go with "patriarchal and superstitious." Religion isn't necessary as a standard of morality.

5) Which of the IY characters would you have an affair with, and why?
Honestly, none of them really strike my fancy for that. Like, Sesshoumaru is certainly very pretty, but I think he would be a selfish lover (if a lover at all, because he mostly just strikes me as rather asexual). bleah, I think too much. Actually, haha, I'll say Houjou. He'd bring me presents and stuff, and I could corrupt him. XD

from reiku

1.) I noticed you were trying to get back into writing again. What sort of things or fandoms did you write for before?
For fandoms, mostly only Gargoyles (a few years ago), though there has been some dabbling in random other things (Buffy, Final Fantasy). For the most part, I tend toward being shy & lurkish, so I haven't gotten very involved in fandom (Inuyasha is my step back into that, I guess). I write (or try to) mostly original fiction; short stories & the like, also some collaborative projects for fun with my friends.

2.) Which has shaped you more as a person happy or unhappy childhood memories/experiences?
I really can't say. I think my fairly optimistic attitude is a result of happiness, but I wish I had more confidence in myself and that definitely stems from something more unpleasant.

3.) If you were to recommend a book to me, which would it be and why?
Oh, that's tough without knowing what you like to read/have already read. I'll just throw out my old standby, Watership Down by Richard Adams. The fact that it's "about rabbits" puts a lot of people off of it before they give it a chance, but I think it's one of the most engaging and richly-drawn books I've ever read. It's one of my favorites and I reread it every year or two.

4.) Which do you prefer, fluff, angst, or some where in the middle?
Somewhere in the middle, but swinging closer to the angst side. I can read and enjoy both, provided they are what I'd consider well-written, but it also depends on my mood. I am not an angsty person at all, but it usually affects me more deeply. (maybe because I am not an angsty person? Vicarious angst!)

5.) You have the power to rewrite any law in your country of residence. Which one would you change, what would you change it to, and why?
Eh. Marijuana = no longer illegal. It's kind of pointlessly against the law as it is; anyone who wants it knows how to get it. Might as well tax it and regulate it for quality, etc.
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