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Ugh. Well, it's end of month again at work, aka Hell Week. So that is draining a lot of my time and energy and...bleah. I got a random, unexpected raise, though. It's a pittance, but, hey, it's a pleasantly unexpected pittance, so it's all good. Except for that whole "actually having to go to work to get paid" thing.

I'm feeling pretty meh as far as drabble communities right now; none of the themes are inspiring any ideas I care for. Eh, I won't force it. I'll be working on drabble requests (most of which will probably end up being more like ficlets than drabbles, but I don't think anyone will complain), and if an idea should catch my fancy for any communities, I'll go with the flow.

Speaking of de da de dah...(I'm not doing these in any particular order, by the way. Just striking while the inspiration iron is hot.)

For the_firefly:

I hope this is to your liking.

Title: And Rest You Now in Peaceful Sleep
Genre: general/memory
Rating: G
Word Count: 177
Notes: Sango & Kirara's first meeting, for the_firefly.

Sango’s earliest memory is of Kirara. When just a tiny girl, she'd awakened to rain beating down on the roof of her family’s home, while outside lighting slashed violently across the sky. She should have been frightened, but Kirara was there, lying right beside her, the small youkai’s soft fur and warmth a comfort in the midst of the storm. Sango can still remember the feel of that fur beneath her fingers as she drifted back to sleep, knowing she was safe.

Kirara’s first memory of Sango goes further back. Her curiosity at the unfamiliar noises and scents finally getting the better of her, she had stalked quietly inside the family home, a place normally forbidden to her. There on a mat on the floor she saw the small human child, lying asleep with one fat fist pressed tight to her mouth. On silent paws she’d padded closer, and gently touched a damp nose to the baby’s forehead. Sango had given a tiny sigh of contentment as Kirara curled up close to her, guarding her in sleep.

Jaken was cracking me the hell up in the new manga chapter. It was like, instead of just Kagome & crew standing around yelling, "Inuyasha!" Jaken was freaking out on the sidelines: "Sesshoumaru-samaaaaa!"
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